How much enjoyment can you have in one holiday? Well, Sugar Bay Holiday Camp has, at the last count, over 100 activities to offer during the day. [Download a full list of activities here]


Our "free choice" system means that there are no compulsory activities and children get to plan their own schedule to have a whole lot more fun.  We offer instruction in a variety of classes, and that's not even counting our evening programme. There is something for everyone - from the mainstream to the extreme. Each activity has the latest equipment, the highest safety standards and the most experienced instructors to help and encourage every child to achieve their highest level, whatever their ability. While enjoyable, exciting and educational, all activities promote mental concentration, patience and perseverance.


But wait, there's more! 


Our top ten activities are on offer every day! Children can choose to do an introductory class in any of these top ten activities, or advance through the different levels to earn a certificate at the end of the week. The levels are a way of teaching children a real skill with a qualified instructor. The levels are more for older kids, and it is up to them if they want to progress. In order to reach the higher levels, you will be tested to make sure you can move up.


The following activities have classes with levels:


  • Standup paddle boarding

  • Body boarding

  • BMXing

  • Kayaking

  • Surfing

  • Skating & Ripsticks

  • Dance

  • Paintball


The following activities have classes with certificates:

  • Ropes

  • Arts

Space Jump


Potbrood making

Space Jump



Body boarding






Raft building




pool swim

Pool swim



Land Adventure

Four-station Bungee Trampoline

What do you get when you combine a trampoline with a bungee experience? It's what we at camp call, Space Jump, and this exhilarating toy allows you to bounce up to 8 metres high (safely strapped in, of course).

Skateboarding & Ripsticks

Land a new trick, set new goals and discover a whole new skill set. Skateboarding provides a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when you set your mind to something, which promotes discipline, self-confidence and is a creative outlet for your children.


This is one of our Top 10 land activities. You can earn certificates for each level you complete! Imagine the feeling of accomplishment that comes after landing a trick for the first time. BMXing is great way to exercise and get the adrenaline pumping, burn calories, build muscles and maintain ​a healthy body.


A team-building sport that teaches children team work, responsibility, communication and problem solving. Paintball helps players gain self-confidence and develop leadership skills, whilst relieving stress in a fun way.


This holiday, get to know Zinkwazi Beach while getting fit and learn about the history and surroundings of this small beautiful town on the North Coast.

Potbrood making

Exercise your cooking and survival skills while making your own delicious snack


Hike through our surrounding forests and cane fields on your way to camp outdoors or another excursion.

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Ocean Fun

Body boarding

Body Boarding offers thrill seekers a dynamic and beneficial exercise that boosts the body's muscular performance and co-ordination skills, whilst allowing for a bracing and exciting experience.


Ride a wave to a happier life! Surf instructors explain that the emotional benefits of surfing far outweigh the physical ones. And they are super fit! In the moment of riding your first wave you are more present than you are at any other moment in your life. Your child will remember this feeling forever.​


Venture beyond the swimming pool and come snorkeling in the rock pools, sea or lagoon. Meet our fishy friends and discover an underwater world of adventure!

Swimming/ Wave fun

Jump waves, swim in the sea and have some wet and wild fun with friends in the beautiful Indian ocean.

Body surfing

Body surfing is the closest way to cruise the waves like a dolphin.

Lifeguard training

Learn all you need to know about waves and tides and basic life guard procedures from our head lifeguards.

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Lagoon fun

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

A superior cross training workout that brings together the muscles of the body in a graceful display of core strength and balance. Stand-up Paddling is a fun rehabilitative exercise, offering a unique perspective above the water. ​


Kayaking is a low-impact isometric exercise that improves cardiovascular health, core muscle strength and flexibility. From a meditative paddle through the preserve, to a crazy game of paddle polo or the rush of ocean kayaking, the list is endless.

Wake Snake

Ride the inflatable water snake behind one of our super speed boats. You don't need to be a pro-water-skier – just be prepared to laugh and get wet! Who will be first in the water.....?

River cruise

Sign up for a highlight of your week: a 7kmn cruise up the pristine Zinkwazi river. Explore the nature reserve ending with a picnic at a private picnic spot nestled on the banks of the Zinkwazi River.


One of the greatest experiences a camper can have is too feel their first nibble off a fishing rod and then hauling their first fish out of the water. Fishing is “off the hook”!


Laze on a tube up and down the lagoon. Let the ripples gently nudge you as you find your inner bliss. Until your mate tips you out! Then join your friends to try and stand on a stack of two, three or even four!

Lagoon ball games

Splash around in our beautiful lagoon and play a lot of fun an exciting games. The lagoon is the perfect place to cool off while still having fun. Touch Rugby, Netball, Bat and Ball and even Volley Ball can be played in the lagoon.

Raft building

Pretend you are a pirate and you and your fellows pirates have to construct a raft before you can leave Treasure Island! This activity calls for overall creative construction and plenty of teamwork.

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Pool fun

*NEW* Waterslides

Slide down one of our three water slides, each more thrilling than the next.

Water barrel

Experience the thrill of running in your very own giant hamster wheel. The water barrel has to be tried to be believed! Climb in and see how much distance you can cover. You can run over anything – water, fields, hills and dales.

Water polo

Bag some friends, grab the water polo equipment and then add a 25m swimming pool. The best ingredients for hours of fun!


Ever wanted to walk on water? Now you can! Try race your friands across the surface of the pool and see who wins.

Water rockets

Watch your very own rocket shoot up into the air. Challenge your friends to see who can shoot them further!

Slippery slide

If you are an adrenaline junkie, try out our slippery slide. Get your heart racing as you go faster and faster each time you slip down the this wet roller coaster trying to better your mates time.

Scuba experience

Learn the basics of scuba in Sugar Bay's Olympic-sized pool

Water gladiators

Hundreds of pool toys allow for hours of entertainment and fun pool games. Gladiators are fun non-competitive events involving lots of pool toys, crazy games and team spirit.

Pool gala

Bring out the team spirit! Race against fellow campers in one of our all-camp games

Pool swim

Relax and take a dip into our heated swimming pool, even in the middle of winter!

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Beach chill

Dune jumping

Beach soccer

Beach chill


Poi spinning

Mechanical surfboard


Poi spinning


uShaka Marine World

Wet 'n Wild water park

uShaka Marine World


King Swing


Wall climbing

King Swing


Beach fun

Beach golf

Tiger Woods had to start somewhere, what better place than the beach where you can never miss?

Sand sculptures

You think sandcastles are for kids, right? Wrong! You would be amazed at the detailed art you can create when you know how! Using just using sand and water we show you how to make master pieces!

Beach croquet

You don't have to run around the beach, stepping on other people's towels to have fun: here is a game for everyone! We have made the worlds oldest sports even more exciting by playing it on the soft and tricky beach terrain

Beach volleyball

Did you know that this is now an Olympic sport?. Come to sugar Bay to find out if this is the sport for you. With our soft sand, supportive counselors and beautiful view, this is the best place to learn.


A game to play with anyone, any time. Even if you are out, you are still in the game. Best played on the beach, but the hall is also perfect!

Beach soccer

Beach chill

If you need a break from all the physical activity, grab your beach towel and lie back to relax and recharge. Close your eyes and listen to the waves, feel the sun on your legs and smell the fresh sea breeze.

Dune jumping

The ultimate rush of launching your body from the top of a big sand dune into the air and feeling free for a few split seconds before landing into soft beach sand. Do all sorts of crazy cool jumps and tricks. And of course, try jump the furthest.


While going for a group walk on the beach, see who can collect the most and the biggest mussels off the rocks. The best part is you can cook them up and eat them before heading back to camp.

Bat and ball

See who can hit the ball the furtherest, but one catch and your out! Great for endurance and stamina, balance, improve hand-eye co-ordination and team skills.

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Circus program

Sumo wrestling

Sumo is one of the most unique and exciting full-contact sports in existence. Here at Sugar Bay we have our very own Sumo Wrestling outfits, Bat man and The Hulk! Which hero will win? Well, you get to decide! Become the Sugar Bay Sumo champion.

Hacky sacks

The perfect way to make new friends! Since it is a cooperative rather than competitive activity, Hacky Sack automatically creates a certain kinship between players.

Bosu surfing

There are several different benefits of using a Bosu ball, though the biggest benefit is to the increased muscle stimulation during strength building exercises.

Magic tricks

Do you want to be the next Dynamo or the inventive magic card trickster. Conjure up a few of your own tricks to baffle your audience. Kids love magic tricks – they will improve your physical skills, hand and eye coordination and inner confidence.

Indo boarding

The Indo Board goal is to introduce a fun and challenging way to exercise the bodies balance control systems. Even though balance is so easily taken for granted, human movement is dependent on balance and coordination.

Mechanical surfboard

This super awesome activity is the most fun you will have out of the water! If the waves aren't cooking then this is definitely the next best thing,maybe even better. You will have hours of fun as well as improving your balance and strengthening your core muscles.

Poi spinning

Maori warriors used the ancient art of fire dancing to increase strength and skill in preparation for battle. Poi, which means "ball" in Maori, is a form of juggling that uses balls on ropes, swung in circular patterns. Poi spinning can help children of all abilities gain confidence by way of a new and exciting activity, without the pressures of competition that may be linked to team sports.

Animal interaction

Calling all kind animal lovers! Spend quality time bonding with our cute furry, fluffy and feathered pets. Its amazing how much animals can teach us if we just learn how to listen.


Everybody loves to bounce. Whether its perfecting your somersaults or back flips, trampolining is an amazing workout which will improve your balance, agility and rhythm at the same time. Soar to new heights and learn new tricks on our incredibly bouncy imported spring free trampolines (you can reassure mum and dad, that these are the worlds safest trampolines)

Fire staff

Live on the edge by learning how to spin a staff. This teaches you how to align your body with the movements of the staff while creating your own magical dance. You will learn with a standard juggling stick. Perhaps you will be one of the few campers who earns the right to spin real fire!

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Go-kart racing

The adrenaline kick this excursion gives you is well worth the 40 minute bus ride. Challenge your friends and see who could be the next Michael Schumacher.

River campout

A traditional must-have camp experience. Hike through farms and forests to enjoy a fun evening of campfires, camp songs, s'mores and stalk the lantern.

Beach campout

The traditional camp right-of-passage, with a twist. Engoy the sound of the ocean while you sit around the campfire and play beach games with your friends.

Ice Skating

One of the "coolest" excursions ever! trade in your beach slops for a pair of skates and show us how you can tear up the ice.

Game drive

South Africa has some amazing wildlife. We trade in our Sugar Bay Bus for a game drive vehicle and see how many different species we can spot in Hluhluwe.

uShaka Marine World

From the majestic dolphin show to the enchanted tour through the phantom ship aquarium, there are very few experiences that will top this one.


Experience and learn about our country's Zulu culture, watch traditional dances and even tast some traditional Zulu beer. This trip is great fun AND you'll learn something new.

Wet 'n Wild

uShaka's giant water park is one of our regular excursion choices. You'll have the best water adventure ever!

Lychee picking

Pick fresh lychees from our local farm and take them home to eat.

Arcade Adventure

Have a blast in the magical arcade in Gateway shopping centre, win tickets and maybe even a cool prize to take home to show Mom and Dad.

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Climbing and ropes

Beginner's wall

Start your spidey-training with our junior-friendly climbing wall.

Jacob's ladder

Pick a friend to help you conquer one of Sugar Bay's newest teambuilding activities. Can YOU make it to the top?

Crate building

Stack yourself to greater heights. Climb your way to the top of our climbing tower using a stack of crates.

King Swing

A new and improved version of tree swing, the jump is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping!

Advanced wall climb

Time to get extreme! Crawl your way up our lipped climbing wall and put Spiderman to shame.

Beginner's high ropes course

Conquer Sugar Bay's 4-piece obstacle course in the trees!

Low ropes course

If heights aren't your thing, we've got a ropes course a little closer to the ground

Obstacle course

Test your speed and agility while developing your fitness and ninja skills on our fully-kitted Obstacle Course.


An adrenaline junkies dream! Feel the rush and the wind in your hair as you speed down from the tree tops.

Advanced high ropes course

Sugar Bay's ultimate sky-high obstacle course. Scale the tree tops while trying to break our speed record.

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Field games



Field games


Fire show

Camp fire

Fire show


Arts & crafts

Body art


Arts & crafts


Dance and drama

Dance revolution

This is one PS game that we couldn't ignore! Challenge your mates to a dance-off on our four dance mats. Its a dance-off! “Let me see you 1 2 step....”

Drumming circles

Create a new tribal blast and invent your own rhythm. Drum circles teach children about teamwork. Drumming enables you to express yourself and build up self confidence – plus its just fun!!!

DJ lessons

Learn to do your own harmonic in-key beat-matching. Within a couple lessons you should grasp the basics of mixing and blending and learn to rock the party!


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art combining elements of dance, gymnastics and music. Under our trained capoerista you will learn a series of quick and complex moves, involving all of the muscle groups.


A form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in quick succession to the beat of hip-hop. Bust a move and break it down!!!


Strut your stuff in a Waltz, ChaCha, Ramba or a high-energy Jive!

Hip Hop

Are you looking for the moves to groove and funky fresh skills to show off back home? Bring it down, shake it around, step up and step out with the cool moves of hip hop.

Synchronized dance

Learn all about choreography and how to put all the moves together...strut your stuff and produce a flash mob or a fantastic show.


A completely liberating and self expressive dance form. There are no rules, but we can give you some tips and moves to add to your repertoire.


To be or not to be? Who knows, just be sure to be at our fun drama classes! We have a huge selection of drama games that all help build character and confidence. If you are keen, you can participate on our beautiful stage in the camp show at the end of a the week. (P.S. When you are a star in Hollywood don't forget to mention who made you famous...)

Voice training

Are you singing in the bathroom? Do you want to be the next backup singer for Justin Bieber? Come to Sugar Bay to train your voice out of the shower and in front of the microphone. Its fUNtabulous!!

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Improve your hand-eye coordination and score the winning goal!

Table tennis

Beat your opponents in a fast-paced game of table tennis while developing your speed, aim and agility. 

Indoor hockey

We don't let the rain stop us from having fun. Enjoy working as a team and improving communication skills in a friendly game of indoor hockey

Capture the flag

Two teams, one objective. Get your blood pumping while having great fun running around the field.​​

Indoor soccer

Love Soccer but don't like to get wet? With our two huge sports halls, we have the perfect solution – indoor soccer! Dribble, score, eshibobo, hattrick!!


Get all your mates to join you for a friendly game of netball. Bounce your talents through the netball hoops and score as many as you can!!

Ultimate Frisbee

This is the ultimate team sport played with a flying disc. Speed, grace and stamina are all necessary while playing this game.

Four Square

Become Queen, King or Toilet of this exciting ball game.

Scotty the Pirate

A crazy combination of “stuck in the mud” and “catches”. Join your band of misfits by collecting as many colourful balls as you can. Aye Aye Captain!!!

Indoor cricket

So it's raining and you're wondering what on earth there is to do. Well, think no further, we have a variety of activities especially for those water logged days and indoor cricket is one of them.


Put your athletic skills and talents to the test! Our fun athletic competitions are the perfect activity to work on strength, speed, flexibility and conditioning.


Want to be the next 'Michael Jordan'! Shooting the hoops at Sugar Bay is such a popular game that we expect to see a home-grown Superstar soon.


Who likes FIFA? Well here's your chance to be a real life soccer star, see how many hat tricks you can score or create a new funky trick and challenge your friends to beat your record!!


If you are keen to get in some hockey practise, Sugar Bay offers the perfect opportunity. Practise your ball control, passing, shooting, and attacking drills in a friendly game​

Touch rugby

Come and play a team game on the field with all your friends while keeping healthy, improving hand eye co-ordination, and promoting team work and communication.

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Evening programs

Camp fire

The sun is setting in the sky its time to gather around the fire and sing along to one of our many famous camp-fire songs.

Talent show

Can you roll your tongue? Or your belly? Can you make people laugh? You don't need to be able to play a musical instrument to be able to take part in our fun inclusive talent shows. Anything goes!

Fashion show

Express your inner celebrity and dust off your fancy moves. Show off your own clothes or raid our drama closet for that feather boa and high heels.

Ice breakers

Opening Night games where becoming shy stays at the door. Get to know your crazy counsellors and your cabin family over a laugh or two.

Party night

This is definitely the highlight of the week for all campers. Bring your moves that you have learned during the week from our dance classes and show everyone what you got!

Fear Factor

Hey, don't be scared! This is a seriously fun way to face your fears. Scary and weird challenges to test you mentally and physically. Put on a brave face and you will be guaranteed to come out as the hero who conquered fear factor at Sugar Bay!

Treasure hunt

An exciting evening where you will receive a map and clues that you will have to use to complete the different activities and gain more clues that will help lead you to the treasure!!

Skits and stunts

Its comedy time! Watch our counsellors take on crazy stunts and perform the most outrageous skits.... Skits and stunts is a fun, interactive show comprising short skits and side-splitting stunts.


So, who doesn't like karaoke? After all, “MUSIC, makes the people, come together”! (Thanks Madonna). Come show us your talents and enter for the next idols!

MTV night

Sing-star has just evolved.... Have fun performing like your favourite Diva's or Boy bands, who knows, the next Idol may be discovered at Sugar Bay.

Casino night

Black tie, black jack and poker faces. All the excitement and mental stimulation of casino games but all for fun.

Night land

Come experience some of our land activities with only the stars & moonlight to guide you.

Dutch auction

It's a combination of races, debating and imagination. You have one minute to convince the panel of judges that what you have in your hand is a pencil sharpener. When you only had time to find an ice cream cone.

Game shows

Ever watched TV games show and always knew the answers or thought you could do better?? Well here's your chance to tackle shows like, Min It to Win It, and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, and see how far you would really get!

Scavenger hunt

Work together in a team and go on a huge hunt around the village of Zinkwazi. Try and complete the list of tasks within the given time. This activity is challenging both mentally and physically.

Counselor hunt

The most often-requested all-camp game at any summer camp! If “Counselor Hunt” is programmed for your week, you will see why.

Beach party

Who said the sun has to be out to enjoy the beach? Join in some beach-style stalk the lantern, bonfires and hoola parties in the warm Zinkwazi evenings on the beach.

Carnival games

As you come down from the cabins you are greeted by the smell the sweet candy floss and the sound of freshly popping popcorn. Its not. It can't be. Its carnival!

Fire Show

Experience the beauty, dance, music and the magic of our very own professional fire show. The Sugar Bay counselors train for ages to perfect and master their spinning skills.

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Creative talent

Dream catchers

Have you ever had a bad dream? Legend has it that if you hang a dream catcher above your bed it will catch all your bad dreams.

Friendship bracelets

The tying of friendship bracelets began with the Indians in South America. To follow their tradition, you weave a colourful bracelet for a friend who makes a wish when you tie it to their wrist.