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The Indigo Warrior Course is a unique certification program specifically designed for individuals who want to spend one-week learning new life skills and challenging themselves. They need to be mentally mature, physically capable, and personally committed to completing the 7-day course and examinations. On completion of the course, each individual will receive a written evaluation report in addition to certificates for those modules passed.

Training and Certifications:

There are three potential certificates that you can earn. Certification is not guaranteed - you must attend all the workshops and pass any required theoretical tests and written exams in order to qualify for each certification. Under the supervision of qualified instructors they will be trained and certified in the following:

1. International Emergency First Responder (EFR) Certification Course:

  • First Aid Training

  • CPR Training

  • AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) Training


2. Primary Aquatic Water Safety (PAWS) Certification Course:

  • Water Safety Principles

  • Pool Lifeguarding (Theory and Practice) Including Swim And Rescue Drills, Carries, Drags, Grip Releases

  • B.O.K: Basic Ocean knowledge (Understanding and identifying waves, currents, tides and rips)

  • Introduction to Surf Lifesaving (principles, basic signals, equipment and fitness)

  • Using a Spine Board And Head Splints On Land And In The Pool


3. Indigo Warrior Certification Course:

  • Marine Biology & Conservation (Including rock Pools and inter-tidal studies)

  • Ocean Snorkeling

  • Leadership Training Principles

  • Communication Skills & Conflict Resolution

  • Team-Building

  • Organization Skills



In addition to the certificates, each student will receive a written evaluation report at the end of the Indigo Warrior Course week, based on their performance and potential to do the CTT (Couselor Teacher Training Course) The students will receive all their certificates and evaluation at the final campfire. If the students do not pass one of the modules, they will still receive the other certificates for modules that they passed. For example, if you cannot swim, you will not receive the PAWS certificate (which requires swimming and rescue practicals) but you will still be eligible to receive the First Aid and Indigo Warrior Course certificate (which will indicate that you attended all the PAWS training even though you might not have passed the practical exam). If you show huge promise during the Indigo Warrior Course, you may receive an invitation to do the Counselor Teacher Training course when you turn 16.

Course Duration and Dates:

This is a one-week course that is currently scheduled to run four times a year, one per holiday season (April, June, August, and December/ January). Applications for the course must be made prior to the student's arrival at camp.


The cost is the same as attending Sugar Bay as a holiday camper. There are no added costs for the training and certifications. The cost will depend on which week is selected, as there are seasonal and past camper discounts available for certain weeks.

No prior camp experience is necessary, but it is highly recommended. It is recommended that this course be repeated every two years, as first aid qualifications are only valid for two years. 

Please Note:

Due to the high amount of modules in this course, there is limited time for free choice activities (normal camp). Participants must be willing and eager to complete the entire course. Please do not apply for this course if the participant is not fully committed to attending all the workshops, and would prefer to spend time having fun at camp. Sugar Bay will not compel anyone to attend the training and sit the examinations. If they do not attend some modules, or if they show an unwillingness to be there, they will likely not receive any certifications. Participants will be given plenty of assistance and time needed to complete and pass each module, provided that they show commitment and dedication to doing so. This is a very intense training camp. We strongly recommend that you also book for the following week at camp where you can relax and participate in the free choice of all our normal fun camp activities, games, and programs. If the participant shows exceptional promise during the Indigo Warrior Course they may be invited to attend the Counselor Teacher Training Course in that subsequent week.

Participating in the program does not guarantee future employment with Sugar Bay. At the end of the course, the student is not yet a staff member.

Indigo Warrior Course

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