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Our school tours are tailor-made to balance educational study and fun activities, ensuring that learning is done in an interesting and memorable way. Select one of our fun, cultural or educational programs to take your school tour to the next level. If none of our generic options fit your needs, send us your curriculum and our team of creative and academic managers will tailor make a program just for your school.


Fun bonding tours


Sugar Bay is guaranteed  to be one of the most memorable experience of any young student's life. Children will discover and transform themselves in a safe and fun-filled environment. They will always take something home with them: a new hobby, a new skill and memories that will stay with them forever.


Introverted school children have arrived on the first day of camp, nervous of what to expect, and leave at the end of the week glowing with their new-found confidence and independence. They will discover new skills and empowering qualities such as responsibility, self awareness and decision making.


Sugar Bay's extensive range of over 100 activities make us the number one choice for Africa's top schools. Free choice of these activities encourage children to be independent, exercise their decision making skills and reach their highest level of potential, whatever their level of ability.


There is something for everyone at Sugar Bay. Our broad selection of activities cater for all interests, hobbies and current trends. With a full range of latest equipment and experienced instructors, the choices are continually being innovated. Children may choose to learn anything from stand up paddle boarding to BMXing, or skateboarding to crafts.


Service Learning/ Community Engagement


Give back with your educational tour at Sugar Bay with a service learning program. Service learning is a method of teaching that combines classroom instruction with meaningful community service. This form of learning emphasizes critical thinking and personal reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility.


Life Orientation tours


Sugar Bay is the ideal way to unite sports teams, settle and acquaint students with their new classmates or identify and unite future leaders. Our dynamic and top of the range equipment and activities put us in a different league to any other camp in Southern Africa. Our diverse range of both physical and non-physical team building activities are ideal for reducing conflict and growing trust levels between your students.

Team building

Our creative team of managers will put together a tailor-made team building program specific for each group, using our unique location and facilities. Children are  encouraged to think outside the box and work together in ways they never imagined possible, learning teamwork, leadership, co-ordination and perseverance.



Our leadership program is the perfect opportunity to get your prefects, monitors or team leaders to shine. Watch your students transform into diplomatic, empathetic and strong willed individuals.



An intense survival program that will keep  children active and outdoors. Children will learn responsibility, teamwork, basic survival skills and tactical thinking.



Geography tours


Sugar Bay is surrounded by a huge typographical diversity  which includes agricultural farms, evergreen coastal forests, geological upliftment, alluvial mineral deposits, saline rivers, open lagoons, dune restoration projects and the tropical Indian Ocean. Under the trained tutelage of our experienced staff these different terrains provide for a wide range of ideal geographic studies including:


Environmental Studies

The area surrounding Zinkwazi Beach has recently been identified as one of the World's ten most important Ecological Hot Spots. It is now receiving a huge amount of international attention and multi-million rand funding. Impact studies can include farming, town-planning, dune restoration, pollution and mining (RBM may soon be mining the beaches for titanium and other alluvial minerals). Discover through hands-on learning with our dynamic counselors or engage the services of an esteemed resident lecturer such as Mr Gareth Roberts, project manager for the Lower Tugela Hotspot, Mr Neil Wallace, active in the local conservancy or the  internationally acclaimed Dr Peter Ardington (opening speaker for the 2011 30th World Vetinary Congress).


Water Studies

Study the different water catchment systems and elements impacting upon them: * Dynamic open and closed water systems of rivers and lagoons including the Tugela river (3kms north of Sugar Bay), the Nonoti and Zinkwazi rivers. * The mechanics, causes and effects of the waves, tides and currents. * The impact of drought, flooding, farming and a village soley dependent on boreholes. * The water cycle specific to a tropical coastline (humidity, mist, unique cloud formation and their impact on the different water systems.


Agricultural husbandry

Engage one of the upstanding landowners for a personalised tour through a thriving farm. Learn about related economics, employment and good and bad farming practices.



Learners will gain valuable navigation, compass work and map reading skills while exploring the surrounding farms, forests and coastal plains.



History and Sociology tours


Zinkwazi Beach is the centre of a number of historically significant events and is home to a rich diversity of cultures and people.


Strandlopers to Seaside resort

There is plenty of evidence that Zinkwazi Beach formed an early and important Strandloper settlment in 300AD. Study the people, environmental forces and historical events that have shaped this community over the last 2000 years including slavery, drought, flooding, depression, wars, indentured labour, and good and bad farming practices.


Sociological Studies

Practical exploration of the local cultures, people and economic forces. Study the impact of land re-distribution on farming; assess and discuss life on farm compounds; evaluate conservation practices; conduct studies of rural entrepreneurs and subsistence farmers and fishermen.


Guest speakers

The famous African explorer, Kingsley Holgate, actually lives in Zinkwazi Beach and gives memorable talks about his travels (providing he is not currently busy with an expedition). There is also a wide range of local amateur historians who are happy to share their knowledge about the local culture and history.


Visit neigbouring historical sites

Sugar Bay is situated close to an abundance of historically significant land marks, museums and battlefields. Use us as a base to visit the Ultimatum Tree, Rorkes Drift Battle Fields, King Shaka Museum and Memorial and the Harold Johnson Nature Reserve.



Biology tours


The Zinkwazi area and surrounds have been identified as one of the ten environmental hot-spots in the world. Our abundant rockpools, tropical forests, lagoon, estuarine river and sandy beaches make Sugar Bay the perfect location for in-depth biological studies of the diverse flora and fauna of South Africa. Experience a hands-on tour of what is learned in the classroom under the guidance of our counselors, or book a guest lecturer.


Marine Biology

Our primary dune vegetation poses a fantastic opportunity to study the evolutionary development of the KZN shore line. The sea, river and lagoon offers a huge variety of 40 fish species that may even jump into your lap during kayak classes and our beach is always popular with land and offshore fishermen. Taste mussels and oysters while learning about their natural survival. Fish for one of the 13 prawn species, catch one of the 10 different types of crabs or pick up shells, cuttlefish and crayfish tails scattered along our beaches. Book a talk with the Sharks Board or our very own shark activist to investigate the effects of the shark nets  upon the marine life (including different shark species, resident green turtles and bottle-nosed dolphins). Or request a Whale Watchers Walk in the October season and increase your chance of spotting these majestic creatures.



Conduct a study of one of the indiginous trees such as the beautiful Wild Fig Tree; study the life-cycle of sugar cane or investigate the Chromalina Odoratta alien species. Explore the famous Zinkwazi forest which is the last remaining pristine coastal forest in Southern Africa (south of the Tugela River) and which boasts more indigenous tree species than the whole of Britain combined.


Land Organisms

Zinkwazi Beach is a rich source of insects, bird life and wildlife providing an ideal place to take the classroom outside. We are home to over 180 identified bird species and another 200 still to be identified.  Sugar Bay is located on the Zululand Birding Trail. Spot our namesake, the Fisheagle, or an elusive buck or wild pig, while kayaking in Zinkwazi River Nature Reserve. Within Sugar Bay's  grounds you can observe dung beetles, tree frogs, geckos,  vervet monkeys and thick-tailed bush babies in their natural habitat, as well as our resident  goats and potbellied pigs.



Sports and speciality tours


With our 25m pool, full-sized flood-lit soccer field, beach, lagoon and sea, and two full-sized sports halls, we can cater for almost any sports or speciality tour including rugby, soccer, water-polo, swimming, hockey, cricket, rowing and surfing. We also have a theatre and extensive arts complex for arts, crafts and other speciality tours.


Our top-notch equipment, stunning facilities and enviable location provide the ideal environment for sports and speciality tours. Bring your team for an intensive training camp in your chosen field, while giving them the opportunity to cross train and learn new skills in an exciting environment:


  • Perfect balance skills through activities such as Surfing, High ropes, BMXing and Crate-Building

  • Core muscles are strengthened and developed in most activities including Stand Up Paddle Boarding,  Bosu balls,  mechanical Surfboard and Skating

  • Hand-eye co-ordination is improved through the paint ball course, ball games and wall-climbing

  • Physical stamina underlines every activity, particularly Surf-swimming, Beach Actvities, Obstacle Course and long-distance Kayaking

  • Upper Body Strength training is achieved in classes such as Kayaking, Stand-up Paddling and Wall-climbing

  • Fine motor skills are developed through Bead-Work, Sand Sculptures and various Art classes

  • Increase Lower body strength in BMXing, Snorkeling, Field Sports, Jogging and Hiking

  • Increased flexibility is achieved through Swimming, Yoga, Climbing and Dance Classes

  • Mental stamina underlines all our challenging Evening Activities and Teambuilding tasks



Whether your team wants to train hard, bond together, rejuvenate in the sun or cross train through all our different 100 activities we would be happy to put together a special program for you.

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