We sell a variety of snacks, toiletries as well as branded Sugar Bay merchandise at our tuckshop. In order to give parents an idea of the costs of our souvenirs, here are some examples of camp merchandise that is available for purchase. So, when your children return home after spending R500 at the tuckshop, they probably didn't splurge all their spending money on sweets, but rather cool Sugar Bay Gear! We hope this helps you understand what your children may spend their tuck money on.



T -shirts - R250

Pen - R15 Sugar Bay Passport - R35

Snapback - R135

Visors - R85

Hoodie - R500

Drawstring Bag - R50

Poi - R185

Vests - R280

Glasses - R80

Vests - R280

Snapback Cap - R135 Glasses - R80 Poi - R185 Beanie - R115