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Health Centre Manager
(Medical Attendant/Care Giver)

Follow the link to apply for this position.


We will only consider applications received via the above mentioned application form.

Location: Zinkwazi Beach, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Position type: Permanent

Full-time Field: Health Centre Manager

Salary: Negotiable - Depending on skills, experience and qualifications.

Package options: Board and lodging included (optional). We can provide furnished accommodation, laundry service, and three meals per day (for people without dependents/partners only). 


About the job: An employment opportunity is available for a qualified female health attendant at Sugar Bay.

Sugar Bay is a very relaxed progressive company, situated in Zinkwazi Beach. The position requires you to live on-site in the Resort Health and Medical Centre and you will be responsible: receiving and
distributing all the campers medication;  first responder to all medical emergencies; arranging for campers to visit a doctor or hospital if required; ongoing care until all medical issues have been resolved; calling parents to update them of any problems; overall responsibility for the physical and mental health of the campers.

1. Advanced medical first aid

(Care giving or nursing experience would be advantageous but not a pre-requisite.)
2. Excellent command of English (written and spoken) with NO written grammatical errors in your application.
3. A passion for summer camps
4. Ability to remain calm under pressure
5. Ability to keep yourself busy for long period when there are no campers, and equally prepared to handle after hour emergencies.
6. Very compassionate and caring
7. Computer literate (including spreadsheets)
8. Excellent organisation and record keeping skills
9. Excellent customer relationship skills
10. Willingness to relocate to Zinkwazi and live on site, at your own cost

Drivers License  
Experience working with, or bringing up children.

Please attach a copy of your nursing certificate and your CV to the application. Unfortunately we do NOT reply to any "I am interested Please call" responses, or C.V.’s sent without the required motivational letter. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tip: The motivational letter is your opportunity to stand out from other applicants.

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