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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a counselor?

The young adults who are chosen to take care of and supervise the campers are called "counselors". They come from all over the world and many of them have worked in American Summer camps. Their crazy nicknames and playful personalities set a great vibe and bring a lot of excitement to Sugar Bay. Their first priority is the care, supervision and happiness of every child; and they form an integral part of the Sugar Bay experience. They are also actively involved in teaching activities and ensuring that every child is helped and encouraged to reach their full potential, whatever their capability level. Our Top 10 activities are each assigned a Pro-Counselor (PC) who is fully trained to instruct that particular activity. 



What do counselors do during camp?

During camp, counselors stay in a cabin with their co-counselors and 10-12 campers in order to provide 24-hour supervision for the children. During the day, counselors run various activities at camp. In the evenings, counselors run themed evening programs and activities for the campers. Some of these evening programs include fun games of Skits and Stunts, Fear Factor, Fashion Show, Karaoke and many more.  Although the working hours are long, being a camp counselor is a rewarding opportunity to learn and grow as a person.



What does it take to be a counselor at Sugar Bay?

Counselors play a large role at Sugar Bay since they are the main reason many children return to camp. Counselors are role models and friends to children, and they are also responsible for creating a fun and safe environment for the children.

We are always in search of the best possible counselors. Counselors need to be finished school and must be between the age of 18-28 years old. If you are under 18, then you can join our Counselor in Training (CIT) program, in order to get the training you would need to work as counselor after school.


We look for great spirit, enthusiasm, loads of energy and caring people who are always smiling and who enjoy the outdoors, swimming in the sea, playing with kids, camping and just having good clean fun.


Counselors need to be up for the challenge, as they work long hours and go for long periods without drinking alcohol and smoking, similar to an au pair. If they are up for the challenge, it is such a worthwhile and rewarding opportunity.


Counselors need to be flexible, willing to try new things, helpful, patient, responsible and need to be able to take constructive criticism. It is also imperative that they are English speaking and confident swimmers, as many of our activities are based in and around water.

The role of a counselor is solely for the children, to be there for them, to spend time with them, stay in cabins with them, to listen to them and to become their friend and someone they trust. Counselors are responsible for a group of children which they live with for the duration of the camp. They teach a large variety of activities on both the land and at the beach and they run evening programs at night.

Every counselor here at camp has a funny nickname which adds to the magic and mystery of camp life. Camp names allow you to be anything and anyone at camp; Tinkerbell the brave, Squishy the brainiac, Grenade the hero, Punch the crazy or Mango the clown – let your imagination go wild!


Read more about the requirements and salary here.

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