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The only thing that takes precedence over learning and fun at Sugar Bay is safety. We are extremely proud of our excellent safety record and intend to keep it that way. Here is how we protect your children's safety: 




1. Professional Standards

Sugar Bay Resort adheres to the American Camping Association (ACA)'s stringent industry standards which regulate more than 15 000 summer camps and have the highest standards worldwide. We are proud to be the only South African Camp that is a member of this association.

2. Best Equipment

The entire resort is secured by full perimeter electric fences, electric gates, and a second 1.5m metal fence inside the electric fence, 24-hour armed response, 46 CCTV cameras, night watchmen and annually certified fire alarms and fire equipment. No visitors are permitted into our resort without an appointment. The waterfront is separate from the main resort enabling controlled access to the beach and lagoon. The beach is protected by shark nets. The area is malaria free.


3. Health and Medication

We have a professionally designed Health Center, run by a qualified nurse, fully equipped to deal with routine medical care and administer all medication. All counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid and we have a doctor on call 24 hours a day. The nearest private hospital is only 20 minutes away.


4. Supervision

We maintain our extremely high supervision ratio of one counselor to every three children (1:3). This ratio is even lower when kids are partaking in higher-risk activities such as surfing an high ropes, where the ratio is 1:1.


5. Swim Test

Every camper completes a compulsory three-part swim test. Based on this evaluation they wear a colour coded rash vests designating how deep they can go into the water, where they are allowed to swim, and how much supervision they require. The rash vests also identify our campers as belonging to Sugar Bay.


6. Buddy System

No two people are ever allowed to be alone together. A child cannot be alone with another child or counselor. If a child needs to go back to their cabin, he must be accompanied by at least two people, one being his cabin counselor.


7. Top Class Staff

Our counselors are carefully selected, trained and continuously evaluated. Many have previous experience working in American camps. Receiving dozens of staff applicants daily, we are very selective with accepting trainees. Training includes, but is not limited to, First Aid and CPR, administration of emergency medication, child psychology, teaching practicals and safety protocols. After passing the exams, there is still a mandatory apprenticeship before qualification. Sugar Bay conducts weekly drug tests on all staff.


8. Water Safety

No one is allowed to enter the water without at least three counselors to supervise. At least two must be qualified lifeguards and EFR First Aid Responders, one counselor must be in the water with the child. In the sea, there is also another lifeguard deeper than the deepest child. This is over and above the municipal lifeguards who also patrol the beach.


9. Safety Education

We teach ocean and swimming safety to every camper. Your child will learn about rip currents, sand banks, shore  breaks, surf and other potential risks. Sugar Bay practices the Buddy System, in which every child has a buddy before entering any body of water. Buddy pairs must swim close together and look out for one another. Regular buddy checks are done: when a lifeguard blows three whistles, all campers must exit the water and stand in their buddy pairs.

10. Sun Protection

We have strict protocols relating to sunburn and dehydration. Every child has to carry a day bag containing sunscreen, a water bottle and a hat. These day bags are checked regularly by the counselors, and the children continuously have to reapply sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Every counselor who is running an activity off the property is given a First Aid Kit, which are inspected and replenished twice daily.

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