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Based on the American Summer Camp model, Sugar Bay stands out head and shoulders above every other South African camp.

We are the only resort in South Africa that has been specifically designed and built as a children-only resort. Holiday camps are our primary specialty and school tours are a secondary service that we offer during the holiday season. During the school term, we invite a select group of schools to come and experience Sugar Bay for themselves.

We offer sleepover camps for children between the ages of 7 and 17. Our various transport options allow kids and teens from all over South Africa, and from all over the world to enjoy the best school holiday they've ever had. 


We offer the Sugar Bay International Academy to anyone over the age of 17, looking to do a gap year or obtain certifications in various fields. Visit for more information. 


Give your child the holiday of a lifetime!


Click here for more information about our upcoming Holiday Camps. Watch our featured videos below to find out why kids come back to Sugar Bay year after year:

Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Why book a camp at Sugar Bay?

Based on the American Summer Camp model, Sugar Bay stands out head and shoulders above every other South African camp. We are the only resort in SA that has been specifically designed and built as a children-only resort. Holiday camps are our primary specialty and school tours are a secondary service which we offer out of the holiday season. During the school term, we invite a select group of schools to come and experience Sugar Bay for themselves.


Here are 10 reasons to choose Sugar Bay:


  1. We have more activities than any other camp in South Africa - We have over 100 activities on offer, each with its own class and instruction.

  2. We have the highest staff to child ratio in the country - Depending on the length of the camp, we have a 1:3 or 1:5 counselor to child ratio in addition to our team of over 30 permanent staff members, all of whom receive extensive training in First Aid, CPR and child psychology.                           

  3. We run the safest camp around – We have an impeccable safety record. Our strict safety protocols cover every aspect of camp life and follow the requirements of the American Camping  Association.                                                

  4. No compulsory activities - Learners are given the freedom to structure their own day within a safe and educational framework. There are no compulsory activities. Our flexible program allows children to participate in the activities that they are interested in.

  5. We have one of the best locations in the world – Identified as one of the world's 10 ecological hot spots, Sugar Bay is situated in the rolling hills of the sunny KwaZulu Natal North Coast. With private access to the lagoon and beach, there is a huge diversity of ecosystems to explore.

  6. 24-hour supervision - Our team of energetic counselors provides 24-hour entertainment and supervision.

  7. All the space you need - With 16 acres of land and 14 beautiful log cabins, Sugar Bay can accommodate up to 200 children at a time.

  8. We are fully registered – Sugar Bay is the only camp in South Africa that is a registered member of the South African Grading Council, PADI and SATSA.

  9. Each program is tailor-made – For school groups, each program is carefully researched, planned and presented to schools in advance. We encourage schools to send us their own curriculum so we can suit their exact needs.

  10. Luxurious camp for both teachers and students – Teachers stay in their own three-star cabin, which is separate from the students and is complete with a private deck and jacuzzi, among other luxuries. Teachers can relax, take a stroll on the beach or join in on the fun - the Sugar Bay team will have it all under control. Students are treated to not only all the great activities we have to offer, but to luxury en-suite stilted log cabins nestled in the tree tops.  

Our accreditation and affiliation

In 2006 Sugar Bay received the Service Sector and South African SMME of the year award at the annual South African SMME Awards dinner; a feat that was repeated in 2007 when we received the Most Innovative Sector Award.


Sugar Bay is a member of the American Camping Association (ACA), AA, PADI and Emergency First Response, and we are also a supporting member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).


Our facilities are kept and our staff are trained according to all the above regulations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Read our recommendations

We constantly want to improve our service and facilities, and so we welcome feedback from everyone. Please feel free to read our reviews and to submit your own:


What are the facilities like?

Our facilities are unbeatable by any other camp in South Africa. Please feel free to call our offices and set up a tour so that you can come and see for yourself, or alternatively, you can view our camp map and photos of our facilities.


Sugar Bay Holiday Resort has been professionally engineered and practically built with comfort and security as its top priorities for all guests. Our secure 16-acre adventure playground encompasses a full-sized soccer field, paintball arena, 5-sided climbing tower, obstacle course, 3 ropes courses and 25m swimming pool with three waterslides. The different buildings include our grand hall, dining room, arts and crafts complex, health center, indoor sports hall and the air-conditioned theatre and tuckshop. Our waterfront facility has private access to the lagoon and beach, and we have all the boats, boards and water toys required for days of endless fun!

How do we select our staff?

All our counselors are carefully trained in Emergency First Response and child psychology, and then selected based on their performance during their training week. We also check our staff's criminal background prior to employment. Click here for more information about our camp counselors, or meet our team of staff that are responsible for everything behind the scenes from bookings, to programming and all that is involved in managing the camp.


Before hiring counselors, we ask for a criminal background check, details of their previous experience with children, previous employer references and we find out whether they are comfortable with being around children 24 hours a day. We ask that all candidates fill in an application form, have a telephone interview, attend staff training and then approved candidates will move into the practical side of our selection process. We ask candidates to work a trial week (unpaid) and thereafter, if all goes well, we’ll employ them. During training we will cover all activities, how to instruct a variety of age groups, First Aid and CPR training and an introductory lesson in child psychology.

How does Sugar Bay give back?

We feel that it is very important to do our part for our local community and the environment. As such, Sugar Bay gives back through in the following ways:


  • Bi-annual community fundraiser: Our community fundraising events raise funds which go back to the local Zinkwazi community schools namely Bongi Mfundu and Darnall Primary. In 2016, we hosted an outdoor family fun day which we called a Cook 'n Slide. For this event, we opened our doors for the public to enjoy our new waterslides and to enter our fun cooking competition. In 2014, our annual community fundraiser was held in our dining hall as a formal dinner and ball which we called the Mystique Ball.


  • Sunflower Fund: Each year, Sugar Bay sponsors a prize in the Sunflower Fund auction. The Sunflower Fund is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town with a vision to give all South Africans diagnosed with leukaemia and other life-threatening blood disorders the chance of life, irrespective of their race and financial circumstances.


  • Reach For A Dream: Sugar Bay hosts the children from the Reach For A Dream Foundation at a greatly discounted rate, so the children may also have the opportunity to experience the adventure of a lifetime. 


  • Sponsorship: Sugar Bay supports the creative and talented children in the community by sponsoring the Barnyard Theatre productions for Reach For The Stars vocal training academy.


  • Environment:
    We encourage a catch and release program for all animals in the area. One of our directors, Nic Ellender, is often called by members of the community to catch snakes and release them safely back into the wild away from people's homes.

    Zoe Ellender, has a particular passion for marine life and enjoys holding interactive workshops with the children to teach them about the importance of looking after our oceans, particularly sharks.

    We also have an activity called "Beach Explore" in which we teach children about the ocean as we walk along the beaches and pick up litter. Children are awarded a prize for every 100 pieces of litter they pick up. Not only do we leave our beaches cleaner, but the kids learn a lot about marine life in the process.


  • Community Engagement/ Service Learning program: As one of our school tour options, Sugar Bay offers visitors the opportunity to volunteer at the local schools as part of their tour package.


What is Sugar Bay's philosophy?

Sugar Bay Holiday Camp opened it's doors in July 2001 and over the past 15 years our children's resort has become a part of the lives of thousands of young campers, both South African and international.


South Africa's first American-style sleepover camp was founded as the pursuit of a dream that the director, Zoe Ellender, had of combining her passion for kids, the outdoors, holidays, sports and endless sunshine. The result was Sugar Bay, which is the only camp of its kind in South Africa to be based on the American summer camp model.


Sugar Bay extends our director's philosophy by offering the opportunity for children to spend a vacation away from their parents, in a safe, exciting and stimulating environment.


We offer the opportunity for kids to meet like-minded friends, grow their self-confidence and to gain a sense of independence all whilst surrounded by the natural beauty of Zinkwazi Beach. We believe that this is guaranteed to result in a "never to be forgotten" holiday experience.

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I was most impressed. Well run - no nonsense. Caring. You can tell how the set up is when your child returns from a sleep over or time away. Cam came back with manners, respect and no attitude.

Well done, Sugar Bay!

Margie Jackson, senior camper's mom

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