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August Camp Adventures: Samurai, Young Sheldon and Pokémon Weeks at Sugar Bay!

Updated: Jul 9

Ready to transform your child's August school holidays into an adventure of a lifetime? Sugar Bay Holiday Resort has crafted three thrilling themed weeks, each packed with unique activities and unforgettable experiences. Dive in to discover how Samurai Week, Young Sheldon Week, and Pokémon Week can turn an ordinary break into an extraordinary journey!

Sugar Bay Holiday Resort

More About Sugar Bay:

Based on the American Summer Camp model, Sugar Bay stands out head and shoulders above every other South African camp since 2001. We are the only resort in South Africa that has been specifically designed and built as a children-only resort. Holiday camps are our primary specialty, and school tours are a secondary service that we offer out of the holiday season.

We offer sleepover camps for children between the ages of 7 and 17 years old. Our various transport options allow kids and teens from all over South Africa, and from all over the world, to enjoy the best school holiday they've ever had. We offer over 100 activities, and have a free choice system, in which children may choose what activities they want to participate in. There are no compulsory activities.

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We make each and every week completely different from any other by giving it a unique theme. We introduce new activities, an extravagant themed dinner, and unforgettable weekly highlights to suit each theme. All these are in addition to our normal over 100 activities.

Check out our August dates & themes:

Week 1: Samurai Week (11 - 18 August 2024)

Immerse your kids in the world of ancient Japan with Samurai Week! This themed week includes samurai training, creative arts, and exciting competitions. Campers will start each day with Taekwondo, sword balancing, and meditation. Activities like calligraphy, painting, and lantern making will keep their creativity flowing. The week culminates with the All-Camp Wipe Out Challenge and a spectacular party night featuring a fire show.

Sugar Bay Holiday Resort

Week 2: Young Sheldon Week (18 - 25 August 2024)

Celebrate curiosity and intellect during Young Sheldon Week! Perfect for young science enthusiasts and fans of the beloved TV character, this week is packed with science experiments, comic book fun, and drama activities. Campers will create volcanoes, design comic strips, and enjoy themed events like a Texas fair and a talent show. The grand finale includes a Top Trumps card game and a festive dinner with Sheldon’s favorite meals.

Sugar Bay Holiday Resort

Week 3: Pokémon Week (25 - 31 August 2024)

Prepare your young trainers for an adventure of a lifetime with Pokémon Week! Campers will collect and trade Pokémon cards, create their own cards, and compete in games inspired by the Pokémon universe. The week features a themed dinner, a giant Top Trumps card trading game, and various Pokémon-related activities. The excitement builds up to a final pool party and awards ceremony where the top Pokémon collector wins a special hamper.

Sugar Bay Holiday Resort

At Sugar Bay Holiday Resort, we prioritize providing a safe and supportive environment for kids to have fun, make friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. So why wait? Book your child’s spot now for an unforgettable holiday camp experience!

Safety & Security

Our 1:3 staff-to-child ratio is the highest in the country, and 24-hour supervision ensures that your children are kept extra safe while having the time of their lives. Our camp counselors are specifically trained and experienced in the growth and developmental needs of the different age groups, as well as Emergency First Aid & CPR. We also have our own qualified lifeguards who accompany the children to the beach, lagoon, and swimming pool.

Sugar Bay Holiday Resort

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Send us a WhatsApp: 082 525 9503


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