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Ignite Your Child's Imagination: Ink Week at Sugar Bay Awaits!

Updated: 4 days ago

Are you looking for an exciting and enriching experience for your child this June/July holiday? Look no further than Sugar Bay Holiday Resort's Ink Week, happening from the 23rd to the 30th of June!

Sugar Bay Holiday Resort | Tye Dye | Summer Camp South Africa | Zinkwazi beach

Ink Week is a unique opportunity for your child to explore their artistic side, make new friends, and create lasting memories. Here's a closer look at what Ink Week has in store:

Themed Days: Each day of Ink Week is dedicated to a different art medium or prompt, providing your child with a diverse and engaging creative experience. From painting to sculpture to mixed media, there's something for every young artist to enjoy.

T-shirt Decorating: Let your child's creativity shine with daily t-shirt decorating sessions. Whether they're into tie-dye, stenciling, or fabric painting, they'll have a blast customizing their own wearable art pieces.

Inner Artist Sessions: During siesta time each day, campers will have the opportunity to work on their personal art canvases. These sessions are not only a chance for artistic expression but also a time for reflection and relaxation.

Sugar Bay Holiday Resort | Tye Dye | Summer Camp South Africa | Zinkwazi beach

The excitement kicks off on Sunday, 23rd June, with a festive opening day featuring themed snacks and vibrant décor. Throughout the week, your child will enjoy a variety of activities, from art workshops to games to evening events, all designed to inspire and entertain.

At Sugar Bay Holiday Resort, we understand the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment for your child to explore their creativity. Our experienced staff members are dedicated to ensuring that every camper has a positive and memorable experience.

So why wait? Give your child the gift of creativity and adventure with Ink Week at Sugar Bay Holiday Resort. Spaces are limited, so book now to secure your child's spot in this exciting program!

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